Summer’s lack of sunshine and overkill of rain has left most of us wishing to be anywhere else on the planet but the UK, but follow the link to Rihanna’s performance at Radio1′s Hackney Weekend and sweet LDN is the only place you would want to be.

Rihanna ft Jay Z @ Hackney Weekend.

RiRi’s unusual bad-girl -gone-Egyptian outfit was a perfect festival outfit. She wore a amazing black leather biker adorned with heavy gold detailing, a Sphinx print tee by Katy Eary, ridiculously sexy gold decorated sunglasses, chunky gold trophy necklace and a seriously cool leather baseball cap with a real gold snake decorating the top. Finished off with serious attitude and her gorgeous bod you have yourself one hot look. Not taking any credit from Rihanna as she owns her looks and brings a sex appeal no-one else could to Egyptian Gangsta, but her stylists deserve a pat on the back for the fashion icon they are creating.

Not to be outdone, the guys at hackney were looking pretty good themselves. Tinie Tempah, voted Best Dressed man by GQ magazine this year, wore a graphic tee and the hottest look right now, camouflage. With 90′s fashion being the era we are most inspired by this season, camo print has come back full throttle. But this time its cool jackets for guys and girls alike, and the baggy camo short for guys too. Vintage shops are full of this stuff, with brands like Topshop and Urban Outfitters giving great high street versions. Tinie rocked camo shorts, while Jay Z wore a faded camo print jacket with black jeans and a leather- a very cool way to style it. Please avoid wearing anything else khaki or creamy/nude or natural fabrics to avoid the ‘im going on safari’ look. Unless you are in fact, going on safari. A tee, black denim or leather and some tough accessories like a flat cap, sunglasses and leather backpack are the way to wear camo this season.

Images below, Tinie Tempah and Jay Z on stage at Hackney.

MENS. Style it Yourself-a little inspiration on how to rock camo. All these items are available now, go shop!

 Sunglasses- ASOS Flat-brow glasses (£20), Camo Jacket -Urban Outfitters (£43), Shorts – Cheap Monday (£45), Tee- Whoruwearing, Kenny Owens (£35), Backpack- ASOS Mesh backpack (£30), Trainers, Lanvin (£575),