Everyone gets that time when they turn on their iPod only to skip, skip, sk..sk..skiiiiip your way through the same ol’ songs you’ve been bobbing your head to for what seems like forever. So you scratch your head in desperate thought, ‘new music…new music?’ hoping some great band or artist will fall on your lap. So, for those of you lacking in inspiration, you lucky things! I’ve done some head scratching and chin rubbing for you and found this list of tracks you should try out. The musics pretty varied so you should find something you’re into, or something new to get your bump and grind on too.

  1. Shiraz produced by Action Bronson. (Action Bronson)
  2. Navy. (Kilo Kish)
  3. Normal Song (Perfume Genius)
  4. London Town – Doorly Remix (Man Like Me)
  5. W8wtf (Zebra Katz, Boyfriend)
  6. Think of You (Bleached)
  7. Oblivion (Grimes)
  8. The Black God (SpaceGhostPurrp)
  9. Only in my Dreams (Ariel Pink’s Haunted Graffiti)
  10. Neon (Queen of Hearts)
  11. Ruin (Cat Power)
  12. Like a Drug (Queen of Hearts)


Some strange names indeed, but some great artists for sure. So if you find Little Mix and One Direction as annoying as leaving your biscuit to dunk for too long and a good wedge of it falls to the bottom of the cup, even if they are annoyingly successfully soaring through the pop-band hemisphere, then this, is for YOU.