Having a lot of electronics whilst backpacking is an absolute nightmare. More often than not, most people will definitely tell you to bring as little as possible, and unless its an iphone or maybe even a cheapo tablet, electronics are not worth bringing. I teamed up with Topdeck on my amazing trip to New Zealand, and part of what they wanted me to fill you guys in on was what to bring.. and this part is the electrical stuff! Topdeck had so many crazy activities I took part in such as bungee jumping, skydiving, zorbing and white water rafting so for me, capturing it and uploading it was a pretty vital part of travelling!

The Bag: F stop, the perfect bag for holding camera kit!

For myself, being able to capture my trip was not only necessary for work and content purposes, but I really really wanted to be able to have some beautiful shots that I could look at and really really remember just how beautiful it was. I haven’t got a super hefty kit with me, I think my whole smaller bag is around 7kg including the laptop, however on top of having a 12kg backpack on my back.. it is a pretty big ask for me to carry both.. but I definitely think it is worth it!