About us

When shopping on the High Street you will no doubt see t-shirts with faces on them.
Who are these people?  Where are they from?  What if it was You…?
Picture the scene, you are on holiday with the lads, shopping with your girlfriends or out on the town. Walking towards you is a beautiful girl or gorgeous guy wearing your face!
It could happen with WhoRUwearing.co.uk
Buy a tee from us and we will make one of you.
We ask everyone who buys a t-shirt to upload themselves wearing your face. You can keep checking the WhoRUwearing.co.uk gallery to see where your face will pop up. Sell yourself well and your face may be snapped in a magazine being worn by a celeb.

Don’t just be followed… Be worn.
Just click on Be on a tee & find out how.

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